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Caspian Invest Ltd.

Caspian Invest Ltd. , since its establishment in 2003, offers consultancy, engineering and investment advisory services to its clients both in private and public sector, in partnership with its international partners. The company actively operates in different field of industry including finance, energy, transport etc.

Majority of its projects have been funded by large international financing institutions such as World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and European Unìon. The company with its experienced and qualified experts provides multi-disciplinary consultancy on various sectors (finance and banking, energy, infrastructure, environment, insurance, telecommunications, health, social and regional development):

·         sustaining successful partnerships with authorities at national, regional and local levels and                                   non-governmental and private sectors

·         conducting pre-feasibility and feasibility studies of investment projects

·         carrying out a valuation of enterprises and due-diligence studies on behalf of enterprises and investors

·         assisting enterprises with defining their investment needs and identifying appropriate sources of funding

·         facilitating access to reliable sources of investments while helping lenders and investors to mitigate risk

·         design and implementation of computerized Management Information Systems

·         defining and implementing new corporate organizational structures

·         capacity building and organizational development

·         promoting positive corporate images through effective use of media and PR

·         assessment and rationalization of key business processes

·         representative office functions and / or Agency services

·         partner search (trade partner, local suppliers, partner for joint-venture and investment)

·         obtaining licenses and permissions / approvals from official authorities.

The primary task is to facilitate foreign initiatives for development projects and attracting foreign direct investments.The added value for foreign companies to engage Caspian Invest ltd. lies in:

·         developing a positive attitude and support from relevant national and local authorities

·         advising on evading or solving problems with the authorities and local partners

·         advising on cross-border financial structuring and on engaging international finance institutions.

In addition the following services can also be provided to its potential clients:

·         information on legal and fiscal issues

·         negotiation and arranging matters with fiscal and customs authorities

·         arranging cross-border leasing structures

·         match-making with partners / customers and search for local agents and ancillary industries

·         creation of local entity (registration, search for office space, staff acquirement etc.)

·         search for reliable local partner support partners, e.g. administrator, lawyer, security firm etc.

·         other services upon request.

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